What I Read Online – 06/20/2013 (a.m.)

20 Jun
    • At STAND 2011, we had the privilege of hearing Rob Morton (currently Associate Pastor at Hastings Baptist Church) teach us on “The Gospel and the Christian Husband”. This year we’re delighted to have him teach another seminar, this time on “The Gospel and Sexual Abuse”.
    • People forgot that many years ago their ancestors died for this gospel. They came into Africa which was so hostile and difficult to come in. They saw their life for the gospel. Dr. David Livingstone died in Africa, Bishop James Huntington, we killed him here in Uganda. But the love of God had driven him to come to Uganda. Now that initial love begun to go, lukewarmness became to come into churches in the West.
    • We made a decision in 2003 that when Gene Robinson was going to be consecrated a bishop, we would close our relationship with American church. They went ahead and did it and we stopped our relationship! We even said we don’t need your money. And they double it—whatever they wanted to do. And we said no we don’t need your money. We will stick with the Word of God.


    • “We’re happy to commend, not only this book, but Brian and Cara, for modeling so much of what is recommended here.” -Thabiti & Kristie Anyabwile (from the foreword)





    • While the gospel is the good news of God’s saving grace in the life of an individual, how does that message actually relate to an organization? When we receive God’s Spirit, we are made new; we become a new creation with new life. As a result, we cannot help but live differently. Fundamentally, we experience a shift in our motivations, goals, and methods for achieving these things. Just as a gospel-minded person wakes up each day working out of that new mindset—they have been made new to reflect the glory of God—the same can be true for a gospel-minded organization. This entity—any organization is really the sum of its people—must think about what it wants to accomplish in light of God’s regenerative work on earth and organize its operations in order to reflect those priorities. The gospel itself is a message, but its implications for business are rich with virtue.
    • Research from the University of Texas-Austin delivers more good news, finding that young people who avoid college “exhibit the most extensive patterns of religious decline” compared to those who do attend college. (2) They explain the loss of faith among the non-college attending young adults has little to do with secularizing ideology, but simply results from a lack of intentionality and direction in their lives. Those who seem to drift through these formative and transitional years with no definite goals or plans likely bring this same attitude and action to their faith life.
    • And at the very general level, American culture and perhaps Western culture seems to have shifted from a secular to a post-secular era in which secularist assumptions are no longer simply taken for granted but are rather on the table for questioning and religion is increasingly considered a legitimate topic of discussion — a cultural shift that has likely much affected contemporary youth.
    • One of the biggest decisions Christian parents face is how they will educate their children.
    • Peter Adam, Speaking God’s Words.  I am still convinced that one of the major weaknesses in modern preaching is our failure to have a theology of preaching.
    • Various, The Valley of Vision.  Leading in public prayer is a dying art, partly due to the blurring of the public and the private, partly due to a fear of performance (though performances can use crass language as well as the beautiful), partly due to a loss of an exalted view of God and a reverence in worship, partly due to not understanding what public prayer is meant to be.
    • There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more unconscious of in ourselves.
    • My everyday life is not replete with dangers to body and soul around every corner. I’m more likely to encounter a sibling squabble or some kind of monument to my own homemaking procrastination when I round a corner in our home
    • Drawing comfort from Christ’s abiding presence makes all the difference in the way we live our lives in the home. Through the gospel of God, which is his very power for salvation, we have been given Christ as our supreme treasure

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