What I Read Online – 06/19/2013 (a.m.)

19 Jun
    • Esther tells Sarah, “I retorted several severe things upon him before he had time to speak again. He blushed and seemed confused. . . . We carried on the dispute for an hour—I talked him quite silent.”
    • Christian friendship is a gift from God that is preserved by God
    • Christian friendship is rare and fragile but ultimately eternal
    • Christian friendship expresses the language of affection
    • Christian friendship is a form of love
    • This point is related to the previous one, but somewhat distinct. Modern readers are sometimes taken aback by the way in which same-sex friendships were described with passionate expression usually reserved for lovers. Our fear of homoerotic overtones has almost entirely muted this sort of language today. But it was common in Puritan New England and continued at least into the late nineteenth century, applying not only to friendships between women but also friendships between men.
    • Christian friendship can strengthen our relationship with God

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