What I Read Online – 06/18/2013 (p.m.)

19 Jun
    • Third, I’m aware of widespread concern about these TGC and T4G statements among many in the reformed community. However, there is considerable fear of speaking out due to the perceived power and influence of these men. Conference invites, book publishing, blogging platforms, etc., have all been mentioned. Brothers and sisters, let’s think better of them. We’re not talking about the Democratic or Republican parties here. We’re talking about godly men who I believe are humble enough to accept correction and say, “Yes, we got this wrong. Please continue to help us put this right.” Let’s help them as they have helped us in the past. And let’s do it respectfully and lovingly.


      And before anyone asks, a couple of weeks ago I did email some of my concerns to the the two men I know best in this TGC/T4G group, but I got no reply.

    • A woman of 75 may have years of wisdom and experience to impart, but that does not rule out the fact that a woman of 35 has something she can pass along to a newly married woman or a college student.  A woman of 35 may not have 50 years of marriage behind her, but she can still encourage a newly married woman.  A woman doesn’t have to be old enough to be a grandmother to advise a young mother about loving and caring for her children.  Furthermore, there is the reality that we may not realize that we are seen as an older woman by others.

      When we consider the picture painted for us in Titus 2, a picture of relationships of accountability, I don’t think the specific ages are nearly as important as being faithful to the call to serve the younger people in this way.  Being an older woman is not necessarily about being a certain age.  It is about being willing to look at the younger women coming behind us and desiring to see them be nurtured in their faith.  We should desire to invest in the Body of Christ through teaching by word and example those who are younger, whether we are 30 or 80 years old.

    • Motherhood is both the best job and the also hardest job I’ve ever had
    • Motherhood is both the best job and the also hardest job I’ve ever had
    • In other words, you don’t know what word of God will suddenly (or gradually) be used by the Holy Spirit to give the long-awaited victory. God has his reasons for why he allows us to fight so long. But he never intends us to give up on Scripture.


    • Then you sense what God is doing. All your life, you have struggled with being harsh rather than gentle. Your reflexes are not merciful. And now, God is touching you at a place you have never been touched before. He’s making a connection in your heart that you have never made before. The connection between your coming death and your unkindness.


    • Over the past year we’ve created 14 new titles exclusively released as ebooks, all free, available in three different file formats to fit whichever mobile device you use. They have included specially curated content from John Piper on particular topics, reformatted single messages, combined articles from leading pastors, and foundational teaching from Piper’s corpus, along with introductory sections written entirely new. The topics range from how to listen to sermons to advice on marriage to the influence of C.S. Lewis.


      The Current List


    • What is the great deception that has consistently threatened the missionary enterprise? It is the mistaken notion that we have something – anything – to offer other than Christ as revealed in the Scriptures.
    • Half-Devil, Half-Child reveals how this deception has bewitched the Insider Movements (IM). IM attempt to strip the gospel down in such a way that it can be clothed in the garb of any culture/religion. To IM ideologues this re-clothed Jesus looks more authentic simply because he looks like them. The process of expertly de-culturizing the gospel from its original context and then re-culturizing it in the context of another religion has resulted in an accommodating Jesus who is nowhere to be found in the Scriptures. The experts are for hire or, at the cost of your soul, you may become an expert yourself. The outcome of such hybrid thinking? As the title of the documentary suggests: half devil, half child.

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