What I Read Online – 06/11/2013 (a.m.)

11 Jun
    • It’s part of a unimaginably large network of data farms capable of sifting data on the scale of yottabytes, occupying over a million square feet (including 100,000 square feet just for computers), requiring 65 megawats of power and consuming 1.5 million gallons of water daily just to cool it.
    • Soon after the initial leak, President Obama held a press conference in which he assured the public that “nobody is listening to your telephone calls” – a strange reassurance since that hadn’t been one of the primary accusations:
    • We should avoid the mistake of construing this discussion as a debate about one plausible interpretation of Scripture against another. There is no alternative to submitting to the Scripture’s own interpretation of itself. Bringing a humanly-engineered interpretive grid to the Scriptures is fatal, as it introduces a higher authority over the Scriptures themselves. It is, in fact, gutting the Bible, and thus allows Satan to have his way with the church.
    • Thus organizations and individuals are able to maintain a formal commitment to biblical inerrancy, infallibility, and authority and yet, by hermeneutical slight-of-hand betraying an alternate supreme authority, deliver interpretations utterly foreign to historic Christianity
    • I have witnessed the shock of these leaders when they first discovered that conservative evangelical churches in the West are naively funding the devastation of their churches. And even after these Western churches have been made aware of this issue, many continue to supply funds and personnel to the front lines, hoping that by sheer force of good intentions the crisis will somehow be controlled. To their credit, a few churches and agencies have taken concrete measures, insisting on improved training and increased accountability while calling for other to follow suit.
    • When people first come to faith in Christ, they usually take some time before they begin to feel part of the fellowship, actively share their faith, and participate in the life of the church. But this was not the case with Elias and his wife, Memory, who began their journey in faith with a bang!
    • My advice to you is: Read Jonathan Edwards. Stop going to so many meetings; stop craving for the various forms of entertainment which are so popular in evangelical circles at the present time. Learn to stay at home. Learn to read again, and do not merely read the exciting stories of certain modern people. Go back to something solid and deep and real.
    • In my early days in the ministry there were no books which helped me more, both personally and in respect of my preaching, than the two-volume edition of the Works of Jonathan Edwards. . . . I devoured these volumes and literally just read and reread them. It is certainly true that they helped me more than anything else. . . . If I had the power I would make these two volumes compulsory reading for all ministers!
    • Meet first thing to pray on Sunday mornings before set up or rehearsal
    • Help your musicians understand how music serves the whole liturgy/gospel story
    • Have monthly/quarterly music gatherings where you intentionally shepherd
    • 4. Meet regularly with sound techs
    • Consistent time with leaders
    • 6. Rehearsal time that is more than just music time
    • 7. Make sure your musicians have access to and participate in all the Sunday liturgy
    • Provide worship resources for the greater church
    • 9. Have a thoughtful and consistent audition process
    • Encourage (require?) your musicians to be involved in other areas of the church
    • Praise God that the Gospel does not merely forgive us of our sin, but it grants us a new identity. It gives us an identity that is not defined by who we are, or what we fight for, but is freely given on account of who Jesus is. It frees a person to love those we disagree with, pray for our enemies, and compel even the vilest of sinners that Jesus can change them, every single part of them. Because it did exactly that to us, and continues to do so on a daily basis.


      So the question is not “so what if homosexuality is a choice?”, but rather “even if it is not a choice, will you let Jesus change you?”

    • The method I pursued, was, first to read the text carefully over, and as I went on, to note down what first struck me as the meaning.  After reducing these notes into something like a scheme of the passage, I examined the best experts I could procure, and, comparing my own first thoughts with theirs, was a better able to judge of their justness.  Some of them were confirmed, some corrected, and many added to them…But to go first to expositors is to preclude the exercise of your own judgment.
    • I love Al Mohler. I love 99% of his articles. I didn’t love his 2013 Summer Reading List. What a litany of bloodshed, suffering, death, and destruction! I’d hate to see the Winter Reading List.


      Here’s my challenge: If you can read all this “death-lit” in 3 months without getting totally depressed or neurotic, I’ll give you $100 worth of “life-lit!”


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