What I Read Online – 06/04/2013 (p.m.)

05 Jun
    • You can host a very high quality, well-attended conference filled with content without being flashy or given to the trappings of celebrity
    • Pastors need encouragement
    • As a new pastor I was so concerned to “get it right” when it came to the teaching ministry. Too often “getting it right” meant leaving nothing out or “fixing” everything as quickly as possible. I felt unfaithful if I didn’t find a way to make this point or that point. And I taxed the patience and listening stamina of my congregation. I would have served them better if I’d not taken that approach and, quite frankly, if I had skipped some things altogether. The ministry of omission
    • My husband died soon after our lastborn son was born. Becoming a widow at the age of 27 was quite an experience.
    • One day, I called for Mrs Mwanza to tell her of my intention to join her church. When my children heard me telling her about this, they were very excited. The following Sunday we were the first at the Reformed Baptist church in Nyimba.
       My life as a Christian has made me discover the life that is hidden in Christ Jesus. I now have a spiritual family who mean so much to me. My prayer is that my children may have a taste of the experience I am enjoying. All my cares are now cast on Christ Jesus.
    • But despite my schooling, I launched into pastoral work lacking something critical: a biblical approach to local church ministry.
    • It’s the approach that says a church can use any effective means to win people to Jesus, make disciples, grow the church, or build the kingdom
    • First, pragmatism is exhausting. It takes a lot of work to be a pragmatist
    • Further, pragmatism is man-centered
    • Finally, pragmatism is subjective. Pragmatism rests on a disturbingly relativistic, arbitrary foundation
    • But many churches don’t operate from a theological practice of worship because they are led by Christians who haven’t developed a theological conviction of worship
    • In our own day and age, I’m more and more convinced that Christians need to fight for the truth of a particular word, a word that goes to the heart of what Christianity is about: faith
    • Far from being wishful thinking or a leap in the dark, Christian belief – faith in Jesus Christ – is synonymous with trust or reliance. It’s based squarely on real, examinable evidence. It is much more than (though not less than) intellectual assent to some facts about God. It is personal trust in and reliance on Jesus, based on what we can know about him.
    • One of the great things about the gospel is that God has revealed himself in a way that invites us to think

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