What I Read Online – 05/21/2013 (p.m.)

22 May
    • (1) It will not accomplish anything good to deny what Scripture so clearly asserts, that God is absolutely sovereign over all of nature.


      (2) God is sovereign, not Satan.


      (3) Great natural disasters such as this tell us nothing about the comparative sinfulness of those who are its victims.


      (4) Events such as this should remind us that no place on earth is safe and that we will all one day die (unless Jesus returns first).


      (5) We should not look upon such events and conclude that the Second Coming of Christ and the end of history are at hand, but neither should we conclude that the Second Coming of Christ and the end of history are not at hand.


      (6) We must learn to weep with those who weep.


      (7) Pray that God will use such an event to open the hearts and eyes of a city and a state immersed in unbelief and idolatry (and I have in mind not merely Oklahoma, but also America as a whole), to see the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and turn in faith to him, lest something infinitely worse than a tornado befall them: Eternal condemnation. Eternal suffering.

    • My hunch is that some conservative evangelical preachers who have (rightly) drawn deeply on such books as Goldsworthy’s Gospel and Kingdom are nervous about this second kind of ‘moral example’ application because we have tended to be much less familiar in our piety and preaching with Christ’s representative work than with his substitutionary work
    • When a lyric from the past gets too archaic to be understood, or too out of sync with today’s hope, faith, and issues to speak for us, it will eventually cease to be sung, or amended to keep it singable.
    • What is the proper Christian response to the tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma? How do we understand the difference between moral and natural evil? What are the answers to theological difficulties raised by a horrible tragedy like this?

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