What I Read Online – 05/15/2013 (p.m.)

16 May
    • There are, indeed, those who tell us that no defense of the faith is necessary. “The Bible needs no defense,” they say; “let us not be forever defending Christianity, but instead let us go forth joyously to propagate Christianity.” But I have observed one curious fact — when men talk thus about propagating Christianity without defending it, the thing that they are propagating is pretty sure not to be Christianity at all.
    • Certainly a Christianity that avoids argument is not the Christianity of the New Testament.
    • It is perfectly true, of course, that argument alone is quite insufficient to make a man a Christian. You may argue with him from now until the end of the world; you may bring forth the most magnificent arguments: but all will be in vain unless there be one other thing – the mysterious, creative power of the Holy Spirit in the new birth. But because argument is insufficient, it does not follow that it is unnecessary. Sometimes it is used directly by the Holy Spirit to bring a man to Christ. But more frequently it is used indirectly.
    • What I am trying to do by my apologetic lecture is not merely – perhaps not even primarily — to convince people who are opposed to the Christian religion. Rather am I trying to give to Christian people — Christian parents or Sunday School teachers — materials that they can use, not in dealing with avowed sceptics, whose backs are up against Christianity, but in dealing with their own children or with the pupils in their classes, who love them, and long to be Christians as they are, but are troubled by the hostile voices on every side.
    • Rather it is useful most of all in producing an intellectual atmosphere in which the acceptance of the gospel will seem to be something other than an offense against truth
    • In the first place, it should be directed not only against the opponents outside the Church but also against the opponents within
    • In the first place, the defense, with the polemic that it involves, should be perfectly open and above board.
    • In the second place, the defense of the faith should be of a scholarly kind

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