Psalm 130 “From the Depths We Find Forgiveness & Hope”

16 May

I am preaching Psalm 130 this Sunday morning at Howick Baptist Church.

This Psalm was a part of the evening vesper service which John Wesley attended on the day he claims as the day of his conversion.

This Psalm has been put to music so many times throughout history it would be very difficult to list them all. (See a sampling here.)

Probably the most familiar words sung though are the words of Martin Luther’s “From the Depths of Woe I Raise to Thee”. Many would suggest this Psalm was Luther’s favourite.

[This] is a ver­sion of Psalm cxxx, which Lu­ther called a Paul­ine Psalm, and great­ly loved. He took spe­cial pains with his ver­sion. It was sung on May 9, 1525, at the fun­er­al of Fried­rich the Wise, in the Court Church at Wit­ten­berg. The people of Halle sang it with tears in their eyes as the great Re­form­er’s cof­fin passed through their ci­ty on the way to the grave at Wit­ten­berg. It is wov­en into the re­li­gious life of Ger­ma­ny.

In 1530, dur­ing the Di­et of Aug­sburg, Lu­ther’s heart was oft­en sore trou­bled, but he would say, ‘Come, let us de­fy the de­vil and praise God by sing­ing a hymn.’ Then he would be­gin, ‘Out of the depths I cry to Thee.’ It was sung at his fun­er­al.

Telford, p. 307

For some who have sung this before you would likely be familiar with this version or this one from The Trinity Hymnal.

Recently Indelible Grace has released a newer version.

Sons of Korah have also written a version of Psalm 130:

Sovereign Grace Music also has a very helpful version of Psalm 130


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