Gosnell & Justice

14 May

I have been reading several comments from Christians on FaceBook and other locations, celebrating “justice” as a verdict in the Gosnell trial has been reached.

Let’s be clear on this…

Gosnell was found guilty for:

  1. First degree murder in the killing of three babies after they were born alive from “botched” abortion procedures.
  2. He was found guilty of 21 counts of illegally aborting babies after 24 weeks which is illegal in Pennsylvania.
  3. He was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of one of the mothers who died as a result of “care” she received in his clinic.

This verdict is NOT:

  1. A statement on the value of human life when in the womb. This contributes absolutely nothing to the debate on abortion.
    1. The murder conviction relates only to three of the reported seven babies who where born alive and then subsequently killed. If these babies would have been aborted prior to 24 weeks there would have been no issue – under current law.
    2. The 21 counts of illegally aborting babies after 24 weeks is essentially saying, “this wasn’t murder, it was just an abortion a bit later than current law allows.” If these babies had been aborted prior to 24 weeks there would have been no issue – under current law.
    3. The verdict says that most lives after they exit the womb are to be valued and preserved, and after 24 weeks in the womb an abortion is illegal, but before 24 weeks anything goes.
  2. A statement regarding penalty.
    1. The penalty portion of the trial is still to come. He could face the death penalty, but he may not. He may spend the rest of his life in a moderately comfortable prison facility which will be far more sanitary than his clinic.
    2. Even if he does face death, he will not be facing death because he performed abortions, but because he killed live babies out of the womb. Yes, thankfully that is still considered murder, but that is a far cry from acknowledging it to be murder to kill a baby in the womb (even if after 24 weeks).

Abortion is murder. It is a grievous sin.

Gosnell is guilty before God for far more than this jury has found him guilty of. He should receive the death penalty for what he has done, even what the jury has agreed to.

Yet, Gosnell needs to cast himself on the mercy of God and cry to Jesus for forgiveness. Though this will not remove the consequences for his sin here, nor the potential fate given to him by a human judge, it is the only way for Him to avoid meeting God as judge and suffering the eternal, just punishment under God’s wrath in hell forever and ever.

Gosnell’s greatest need is the same as mine. To know my sins are forgiven in Christ Jesus.


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