What I Read Online – 05/10/2013 (a.m.)

10 May
    • This new paradigm has caused worship leaders to be driven primarily by two different voices: pragmatism or existentialism
    • Emotionalism also drives worship leaders
    • If God’s mission for us is to proclaim the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9) and to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe everything he commanded us (Matt 28:19-20), we must be those worship leaders who worship the Lord personally and corporately, who study the Word of God and hide it in our hearts and who are constantly reminded of his mission, making every effort to proclaim His gospel.
    • Right theology leads us to rightful doxology, and both propel the mission of God in the world
    • Scripture plays a vital role from the beginning of a gathering to the end
    • When we look at a liturgy from beginning to end as the people of God gathered to engage with Him and rehearse the Gospel, an unbroken chain is formed. Every element of a worship gathering is an important tool in the hand of God. At the center of the church gathered is the one element absolutely necessary: the word of God laid open in the midst of His people.
    • Choose a physician who is specially skilled in this disease, and has cured many others
    • Medicinal remedies and theological are not usually to be given together by the same hand
    • Sometimes depression is caused by sudden shock
    • The physician and pastor need great skill to know where the depression started
    • Even if the depression have a psychological cause, medication can still have a role in curing it.
    • Of course Baxter was as unaware of modern biochemisty and physiology as he is of modern pharmacology. Nevertheless his insights are still valuable today…It may be appropriate to summarize this section of Baxter’s work as follows: those with depression of a spiritual nature, require spiritual counsel. Those whose depression is a result of somatic illness need medical care to correct that cause. People who suffer from endogenous depression may require both spiritual and medical treatment, depending on their case. Baxter’s advice about physicians is pertinent at this point
    • The Gutenberg Bible is not only the oldest surviving book to be printed using moveable type, but also the first complete book to be produced with that technolog
    • Most of them, yes,” he said. “But that is not the point. I believe the Genesis account of creation because it’s in the Bible. I’ve discovered something in my ministry: When I take the Bible literally, when I proclaim it as the word of God, my preaching has power. When I stand on the platform and say, ‘God says,’ or ‘The Bible says,’ the Holy Spirit uses me. There are results. Wiser men than you or I have been arguing questions like this for centuries. I don’t have the time or the intellect to examine all sides of the theological dispute, so I’ve decided once for all to stop questioning and accept the Bible as God’s word.”
    • Uh . . . but . . . no,’ he said slowly, ‘he’s the most . . .” He stopped, then started again. “In my view,” he declared, “he is the most important human being who has ever existed.”
    • Bible
    • Cross
    • Picture of prayer
    • Family Picture
    • Stethoscope
    • Coffee Mug
    • Brunn demonstrates with hundreds of clear examples that sometimes the translations that have a reputation for being more “literal” (like the NASB or ESV) are often not “literal” at all. And sometimes mediating translations (like the NIV) are more “literal.”
    • I have my own theory on why there is often disagreement among English-speaking Christians about Bible translations. I believe it is in part due to the fact that most of us live in monolingual societies. The majority of native English speakers have never learned a second living language to full fluency. And of those who have, most learned another Indo-European language—which of course, would be related in some ways to English. Many English speakers base their view of New Testament translation entirely on translating from Greek into its Indo-European relative, English. I believe this narrow perspective is a major reason for many of the disagreements that exist regarding English translations. (pp. 145–46)


    • Looking for evidence that our society is losing its mind? Just look at the controversy over so-called “emergency contraceptives” and a federal judge’s effort to make these drugs available, over the counter, to girls of any age.
    • But, marginalizing parents is one of the major aims of those who would educate our teenagers and children about sex, sexuality, and abortion
    • The app, tested earlier in the spring and released to the public on May 7, “is expressly intended to let teenagers get information about reproductive health services confidentially, without having to go through an adult.”
    • But, keep in mind that the new sexual revolutionaries see parents as repressive factors to be removed and marginalized so that the nation’s adolescents can be fully liberated to experiment with sex
    • The sexual revolutionaries now driving the cultural momentum in this society sneer at parents and hide behind misplaced arguments about “science.” The real emergency in the debate over emergency contraception for young girls is moral, not scientific.
      • the past
      •   the building
      •   the building project
      •   a certain model of ministry
      •   the last minister but one
      •   success
      •   community
      •   happiness

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