What I Read Online – 05/08/2013 (p.m.)

09 May
    • In yet another illustration of China’s and India’s enormous populations, Reddit recently surfaced the above population map, which claims more than half the world’s people live within a circle superimposed over a section of Asia.


    • This is why, studies suggest, if you’re asked to recall a specific piece of information in a text, you’ll remember where on the page you were when you read it
    • This is why, studies suggest, if you’re asked to recall a specific piece of information in a text, you’ll remember where on the page you were when you read it
    • Holding a book grants you a tactile sense of textual topography.
    • Jesus is not the express focus of every text of Scripture. But all Scripture gives evidence to the truth that is ultimately expressed in the person and work of Christ.
    • This means that the conscious intent of the human author is not sufficient for understanding the true intent of the text. This side of the cross, we have an insight that the Bible’s human authors lacked. When we examine Scripture, we do not look to find Christ in the text. We look at the text through the lens of Christ. Is it necessary to mention Jesus in every sermon? Yes. If Jesus doesn’t show up in the sermon, then it isn’t preaching. Not really
    • Does your wife enjoy spending time with you? Does she feel encouraged by you? Do you make her feel safe, physically and emotionally? Is she proud to name you as her husband? Negative answers likely have bitterness to blame.
    • Men, you and I need to repent of our bitterness. We need to trust more fully in Christ, who as our covenant head does not treat us with the bitterness our sins deserve.
    • I would strongly recommend his (that’s Bruce’s) Big Truths for Young Hearts (Crossway).  I’m currently reading through it with the family, having been recommended it ages ago by someone I met at a ministers’ conference;  I can’t remember who, but many thanks if it was you.  It’s essentially a systematic theology, set out in 2-3 page sections, each with a couple of discussion questions and a memory verse.  It take about ten minutes to read the section out
    • At Lausanne, Stott wanted evangelicals to take social action seriously. The twist in Stott’s message to the congress was his argument that the Great Commission itself demanded that Christians pay attention to people’s physical and social needs, as well as their spiritual ones. He did this by focusing not on the standard version of the commission, namely Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations as recorded in Matthew’s gospel, but rather on John’s account of Jesus telling his disciples that as his Father had sent him, so he was sending them. And just as Jesus’ mission had involved caring for people’s bodies, as well as their souls, so should that of the church.
    • There is a growing momentum in Australia for biblical, Christ-centred pastoral counselling, although we are moving off a relatively small base

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