What I Read Online – 05/08/2013 (a.m.)

08 May
    • Repetitive viewing of pornography resets neural pathways, creating the need for a type and level of stimulation not satiable in real life. The user is thrilled, then doomed. But the evolutionary plasticity of our mind makes this damage reversible. In “The Brain That Changes Itself,” psychiatrist Norman Doidge writes about patients who overused porn and were able to quit, cold turkey, and change their brains back. They just had to stop watching it. Completely.
    • Indeed, the hymnal supplement Sing! A New Creation surpassed its original projected sales ten times over. Psalms for All Seasons did the same in less than one year. Hymnals from a variety of other publishers continue to sell well, too
    • Hymnals are especially well suited to good group singing of many kinds of songs (though not all)
    • Hymnals are portable
    • Hymnals are splendid for home piano or keyboard devotional playing.
    • Hymnals are an efficient one-stop worship planning resource
    • Hymnals make it relatively easy to stumble on and fall in love with good music you never thought you would like.
    • Well-designed hymnals offer a vision of a balanced thematic diet.
    • Hymnals help connect songs with elements of worship.
    • Hymnals give people access to a “cultural memory bank” that many desperately want
    • 9. Hymnals can be appealing to seekers.


    • A hymnal can be a surprisingly effective catechism for both brand-new and lifelong Christians
    • For what it’s worth, I think I go stale if I preach from either a full text or notes consistently for too long, so I try to mix it up.  It might be different for you.  But whichever, it’s good to think of a full-text not as something I’ve written, but as my word-for-word cues for the powerful piece of spoken communication I want to deliver.  And you don’t write that, you just note it down.
    • The children were Dr Hodge’s pride and joy. ”His study had two doors,” wrote A.A Hodge , ”one opening towards the Seminary for the convenience of the students, and a second one opening inwards into the main hall of the home” – for the children
    • There are other reasons for taking the Ph.D. plunge. I will be sharpened and humbled as a student. My knowledge of theology and church history will grow. I will get to dip my toe in the world of genuine scholarship and interact with other Christians in the field. And when it’s all said and done (assuming everything gets said and done), a Ph.D. may afford me opportunities for adjunct teaching and to enter into certain conversations and undertake certain projects that would be otherwise closed. I’m under no illusion that getting another degree will necessarily make me a better Christian, a better pastor, or a better writer. But I think it can make me a better thinker and that can help me with the rest.
    • To that end, my church has been incredibly gracious in granting me 9-12 months of study leave spread out of the next 3-4 years. I wouldn’t be able to tackle a dissertation without this time and without their encouragement

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