What I Read Online – 05/05/2013 (p.m.)

06 May
    • Christians are smoking pot. But should they? A free ebook from a Christian doctor on the medical facts about marijuana.
    • Thankfully, my physician and friend, Dr. John Catanzaro, was kind enough to research the subject. He has compiled his thoughts in an ebook, Marijuana: Weeding Out the Medical Facts, which he is offering for free on his website.


    • Bay said anyone in a sexual relationship outside of marriage would not be accepted to train as a priest.
      • Massey University professor Peter Lineham said the issue would make for spectacular discussion and debate.


        “There is no question about it, this raises the most profound issues about the relationship of church and state.


        “It has, potentially, got the power to split the whole Anglican Church.”


        The Human Rights Tribunal hearing starts tomorrow.


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