What I Read Online – 05/02/2013 (p.m.)

03 May
    • So, don’t listen to me. Chances are you don’t even know me. I’m not likely related to you. I’m probably not your pastor. I don’t have any control over the events in your life. I certainly have no part in the incommunicable attributes of God like omniscience. Everything I’ve ever said, done, or written is only partially true, corrupted by my faults, limitations, and sin, and likely in need of a good dose of correction or balance. In fact, I’d be grateful to anyone who cares enough either about ideas or me to add a gracious word of correction to any ideas I’ve expressed. I don’t take it as an attack, but as an act of courage and duty borne by responsible men and women.
    • In this town, there was no Baptist church of a Reformed persuasion. In the providence of God we established one. This was done together with other brethren of like mind doctrinally who were also new in the town
    • We were convinced that our calling was not there. Se, we decided to disentangle ourselves from our depth of involvement in the moneymaking industry. It was a costly decision. We sold off our farms and our businesses and began to wait on the Lord to open a door into full time ministry
    • The first step my own church takes to cooperate with other churches in discipline is to ask everyone joining the church, have you ever been disciplined from a local church


        As a small “c” congregationalist, I believe that churches are autonomous, meaning that they rule themselves under God’s Word and King Jesus. But no church should be entirely independent. Indeed, we should be inter-dependent, even in matters that go to the heart of a church’s authority such as membership and discipline. 


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