What I Read Online – 04/30/2013 (p.m.)

01 May
    • Our students need good theology, but just as importantly they need a good attitude. If they have the best theological training and the worst ways of relating to people, we’ve created monsters, not mature Christians
    • College students need to know the same essential truths that every Christian needs to know
    • They should be familiar with the storyline of the Scriptures and basic contours of the Old and New Testaments. Ideally, I want college students who are with us for four years to be rooted in Reformed theology, know the basic categories of systematic theology, and know a few key events and persons from church history. I also think it’s helpful for students to learn about a tradition bigger than themselves. For us this means teaching about the Reformation and exposing students to the Heidelberg Catechism
    • This is the hardest element to pass on because it is more easily caught than taught. Some campus ministries which do quite well on A and B struggle with the C because the form and feel of the ministry mitigates against it
    • ESPN basketball analyst Chris Broussard called being gay an “open rebellion to God” during the network’s special report on Jason Collins coming out today.
    • Earlier today, ESPN announced they were extending their investigative reporting show ‘Outside The Lines’ one hour to discuss the historic coming out of NBA player Jason Collins. It got weird when Chris Broussard started talking about his religious beliefs.
    • “A big part of my discipleship was simply watching [my mentor’s] life.  Seeing everything I was studying, seeing how that looked practically.  Just life-on-life.”
    • Sometimes I play a little game as I listen to the news on Newstalk ZB and count how many news items Peter Singer’s influence can be observed. There was one occasion when every item of news in one way or another had been shaped by his ideas. Thereforeif you are a Christian in New Zealand it is worth knowing a little about him and his influence. Next week I’ll endeavour to summarise what I understand his ideas to be and some of their inconsistencies. 
    • The aesthetics of success would subtly and imperceptibly supplant the principles of faithfulness or would indeed come to be identified with the same.
    • The key books on pastoral ministry would be written by men who either have no real experience of anything approaching normal pastoral ministry or have not had such for decades.
    • Students at seminaries would rarely, if ever, name their own pastors as the most influential preachers in their lives.
    • Leaders would gradually and sometimes self-consciously become brands
    • Overall control of the evangelical world would in practice lie in the hands of select groups of unelected  leaders, captains of industry, answerable to nobody but themselves and with no transparent accountability beyond the constituency’s ability to give or withhold funds.
    • A term like ‘gospel centered,’ for example, could easily be turned from a helpful description of a ministry into a kind of mantric shibboleth, implicitly ruling as imbalanced, malicious, or unbiblical any criticism of those who own its copyright.
    • Grand visions always create large overhead costs
    • Resolution: I will strictly limit my experimental time on the device and devote myself more to the truth than to technique.
    • Resolution: I will spend my constructive, creative energy not in the unreality of “virtual reality” but in the reality of the real world.
    • Resolution: I will not replace the risk of personal relationships with impersonal electronic safety.
    • Resolution: I will not cultivate a one-on-one relationship with a person of the opposite sex other than my spouse. If I am single I will not cultivate such a relationship with another person’s spouse.
    • Resolution: I will never open any app for sexual stimulation nor purchase or download anything pornographic.

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