What I Read Online – 04/30/2013 (a.m.)

30 Apr
    • The chief technology officer of eBay sends his children to a nine-classroom school here. So do employees of Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard.
    • This is where a Christian understanding of sex is so much better and greater than the alternatives. It heightens the purpose and importance of sex by celebrating all that sex is and all that it is meant to be, for it is here that the physical, the emotional and the spiritual come together in the most powerful way. Literally: the most powerful way. There is nothing in the human experience that brings these three together in such dramatic fashion and this is exactly why sex is reserved for the marriage bed. God wants marriage to be a unique kind of relationship and nothing marks marriage’s uniqueness more than sex.
    • If Christianity becomes radically marginalized, having no cultural power at all, perhaps Christianity will have to return to its essence:  Christ, the Gospel, the forgiveness of sins.   Because no matter how much people wish to erase anything that restricts them and makes them feel guilty, if Christianity is true (and it is), the moral reality remains.  It’s like thinking we can destroy nature; nature always destroys us.  Sin kills.  People in a society that give itself over to sin will feel those sins.  The Gospel will become good news again.  Christ will save them.  And, ironically, once the Gospel predominates again in the Church, cultural influence–including the Christian view of sexual morality–may well come back as a byproduct.
    • A more pressing concern for Christians than the BSA policy should be resolving the issue of whether a believer can or should identify as “gay.” The broader culture associates self-identification of being gay or lesbian as a willingness to engage in homosexual behavior, or at least the acceptance of such behavior. Clarifying whether a Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction should identify with their orientation would help the young men who are growing up confused about whether they can be attracted to the same-sex and still be “morally straight.”
    • God is the greatest Reality in the universe.
       And pastors swim in that sea with ever-replenished joy.
    • Jesus is the greatest Savior, Master, and Friend that ever was or will be.
       And pastors contemplate and commend him every day.
    • The Holy Spirit is the greatest Helper in the world.
       And pastors are driven to have his fullness constantly.
    • The Bible is the greatest book there is.
       And pastors delight to mediate on it day and night.
    • The gospel is the greatest news ever sent.
       And pastors revel in believing it and telling it every day.
    • Corporate worship is the great overflow of life together in treasuring Christ.
       And pastors soar with the sacred privilege of fanning that flame.
    • Faith is the great union with Christ and the embrace of all God is in him.
       And pastors aim at this with every word, since faith comes by hearing.
    • Hope in future grace is the great furnace of gospel obedience.
       And pastors fuel it daily with the promises of God.
    • Joy is the great impulse in pain and pleasure that makes its source in God look great.
       And pastors renounce all abuse and live for the holy joy of their flock.
    • Love is the greatest act.
       And pastors make it the great aim of all their acts.
    • Holiness is great likeness to the thrice holy God.
       And pastors daily kill their own sins for the sake of the holiness of others.
    • Suffering is a great seminary.
       And pastors must attend it for the sake of their people.
    • Explaining great truth is a path to great understanding.
       And pastors are charged to explain the greatest things relentlessly.
    • Heralding the greatest realities is a great privilege.
       And pastors are the heralds of the living God.
    • Humanly impossible aims throw us on a great Helper.
       And all the spiritual aims of a pastor are impossible.
    • Heaven is a great destiny.
       And pastors aim in everything to help people get there.
    • Hell is a great danger.
       And pastors aim in everything to help people escape it.
    • Prayer is a path to the great presence and power of God.
       And pastors pray without ceasing.
    • The new birth is a great miracle.
       And pastors are the ever-amazed midwives of God.
    • Communion is the greatest supper.
       And pastors hold the sacred emblems in their very hands.
    • Baptism is the greatest emblem of death and life.
       And pastors enact this drama on behalf of Christ.
    • Funerals offer a great vista of eternity.
       And pastors stand there full of hope with wide-eyed people.
    • Weddings are God’s great, life-long joining together of man and woman.
       And pastors put this drama on display for all to understand.
    • Hospital visits are a sacred imparting of great hope.
       And pastors mediate this holy transaction with their voice and hands.
    • The devil is a great enemy.
       And pastors make holy war every day.
    • Wise, biblical counsel is greater than much fine gold.
       And pastors make many rich.
    • World missions is the greatest enterprise in the world.
       And pastors preach and pray and agitate till all are goers or senders.
    • Loving money is the great root of countless evils.
       And pastors sever it in their homes and seek its cheerful death in all their flock.
    • Leadership in holy paths is the great need of all the sheep.
       And pastors wear this mantel humbly under the Great Shepherd.
    • Lowly servanthood is high greatness.
       And pastors rejoice to say: He must increase, and I must decrease.
    • People used to write more intelligently than they speak. Now, a scary majority tend to speak more intelligently than they tweet. . . .
    • I hate the way Twitter turns people into brand managers, their brands being themselves.
    • You couldn’t do this much following in the physical world without being slapped with a restraining order.
    • “It’s addictive and insidious. I see it even with smart people who ought to know better but can’t help themselves. They give wildly disproportionate weight to the opinions they read on Twitter, mostly because they’re always reading Twitter. Which fills them with anxiety, distorts their perceptions, and makes it almost impossible for them to take the long view on anything. Every crisis is huge, ominous, and growing. Every attack requires an immediate response.”

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