What I Read Online – 04/29/2013 (p.m.)

30 Apr
    • So much of preaching ineffectiveness actually begins in the prayer closet.
    • Sometimes the slump comes from over-thinking
    • Sometimes a preacher just needs help
    • If there’s one thing I know about preaching and preachers it’s that preaching is a hothouse for pride and preachers are often terribly insecure.
    • So much of our spiritual life depends on adequate rest as an act of faith
    • Likewise, the slumping preacher has to keep preaching. It may do him good to get away for a season of refreshment. But eventually he’ll have to climb the stairs to the sacred desk again and preach
    • “It doesn’t matter”, he said, “if people don’t remember your sermons. Preaching is about making actions instinctive, not giving you more head knowledge.” He went on to say that he’s a good reader, but doesn’t remember being taught to read. He can play the piano but remembers very little about his tuition. He knows how to ride a bike, but can’t recall the moment when the stabilisers were taken off.
    • Every Sunday morning, I lead the congregation of Third Avenue Baptist Church in what we call a “pastoral prayer.”
    • Praying for other churches also communicates an important truth about the various churches in a city: We are all on the same team!
    • If this is in any way representative of the trajectory of our culture, and I think it is, it is no wonder that legislation, like the bill on same sex marriage, can pass through Parliament. This is our world. This is our mission field. We live in a Western society in which there is a deepening ignorance of biblical Christianity, where the true and living God has been marginalized and is largely seen as irrelevant to daily life.
    • Rather we must look our mission field in the eye, face up to the real situation we are ministering in, stop wishing we lived in some other place or some other time, pray for the compassion of Christ to characterize us, and get on with our Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) with a steady trust in our all-conquering Saviour who has promised to be with us always.
    • In other words, to be faithful in pastoral ministry, you have to keep your eyes on Jesus. You have to fight to keep your eyes on Jesus.
    • Read the Bible for the sake of your own soul
    • Do evangelism
    • Invite others to teach and admonish you
    • Meditate on the gospel
    • Rest. Every night my head hits the pillow, I’m reminded that I am not God, who alone ‘neither slumbers nor sleeps’ (Ps 121:2-4).
    • Read books about the gospel
    • Set aside a few regular hours for deeper reflection and prayer
    • Make teaching gospel-centred
    • Keep training and leadership gospel-centred

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