What I Read Online – 04/25/2013 (a.m.)

25 Apr
    • Give them a moment
    • Train other leaders to step in to help
    • Remember the sheep most commonly neglected
    • But while each of those items contains a grain of truth, they are mostly false
    • The irony is that the people who were blissfully unaware of the latest news would be accused of being uninformed, when news hounds were likely to be the most ill-informed of all
    • The most difficult part of pastoral ministry is keeping a caring heart. The caring heart makes the pastor, and the caring heart nearly kills the pastor. He wouldn’t have it any other way, like Paul. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a thousand deaths, weeping nights, deprivations, and afflictions.


    • Pastoral heartbreak is in direct proportion to pastoral heart. The more the pastor cares for the people the more heartbreaking is the daily pressure of concern for the church.
    • So in the end, the fossil seems to have remnants of the original chemistry of the bones, claws, skull, and teeth. More surprisingly, it even has remnants of the original feather shafts!


      This kind of analysis, combined with the results of several other fossil analyses, provide strong evidence that such fossils are not millions of years old.

    • We should have seen it coming
    • That revolution has happened, and it has been stunningly successful. The advocates for the normalization of homosexuality and the legalization of same-sex marriage have used legal arguments developed from the civil rights era to their advantage.
    • We do believe in civil rights. Taken at face value, civil rights are those rights that a person should be recognized to possess simply because he or she is a citizen. Christians should welcome the recognition of civil rights, understanding that the very notion of such rights is based on a Christian worldview and the affirmation that every human being is made in God’s image, and therefore possesses dignity and certain essential rights
    • Marriage laws always discriminate. Current laws discriminate on the basis of age, marital status, and gender, as well as a host of other issues. The law itself necessarily discriminates. For instance, married people pay fewer taxes and women enjoy maternity leave. The question is whether such discrimination is right or wrong.
    • The argument for the legalization of same-sex marriage fails in terms of any constitutional logic that our nation’s founders would have conceived. Beyond this, faithful Christians cannot accept such arguments because an even greater authority—the authority of the Bible as the Word of God—binds us.


        1. The Father is not the Son.
        2. The Son is not the Father.
        3. The Father is not the Holy Spirit.
        4. The Holy Spirit is not the Father.
        5. The Son is not the Holy Spirit.
        6. The Holy Spirit is not the Son.


        1. The Father is in the Son.
        2. The Son is in the Father.
        3. The Father is in the Holy Spirit.
        4. The Holy Spirit is in the Father.
        5. The Son is in the Holy Spirit.
        6. The Holy Spirit is in the Son.


    • A survey last week revealed that more than half of parents allowed their babies to play with their phone or tablet device. One in seven of more than 1,000 parents questioned by website admitted that they let them use the gadgets for four or more hours a day. […] “Although 81 per cent of our users felt that children today spend too much time on smart devices, it hasn’t put most of them off using them to entertain their baby.”


    • The table of contents is as follows:


      1 The Definition of Canon: Must We Make a Sharp Distinction between the Definitions of ‘Canon’ and ‘Scripture’?


      2 The Origins of Canon: Was There Really Nothing in Early Christianity That May Have Led to a Canon?


      3 The Writing of Canon: Were Early Christians Averse to Written Documents?


      4 The Authors of Canon: Were the New Testament Authors Unaware of Their Own Authority?


      5 The Date of Canon: Were the New Testament Books First Regarded as Scripture at the End of the Second Century?


      The book is due out in November, 2013.


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