What I Read Online – 04/23/2013 (a.m.)

23 Apr
    • Published on 1 Apr 2013  



      OMEGA’s Co-Axial Chronometers are crafted to a standard unmatched by any other industrialised mechanical watch movement. In OMEGA’s new 70-second television commercial, the viewer is drawn into the world of the Co-Axial Chronometer through spellbinding animated sequences expressing the perfection of nature elegantly interacting with man-made gearwheels and other elements of mechanical watch movements. All of the elements – natural and man-made – appear to be regulated by clockwork gears. Intriguingly, all of the watch mechanisms and gears are perfect 3D renderings of components found in the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 9300 chronograph movement.

    • The problem, of course, is that a deep-seated desire to please men is incompatible with a life devoted to pleasing God
    • At one point, a group of reporters, students, and concerned citizens even gathered outside his door in Edinburgh, banging on it and declaring, “He’s a traitor to his country.”   Liddell quickly became “the most unpopular man in Britain.”
    • To me, however, the reason for the nematode’s optimal nervous system is clear: it was designed by God. As a result, you would expect the design to be elegant and efficient. Thus, the fact that it is optimized to use the least amount of material is not surprising.
    • Crossway’s offices in Wheaton, IL experienced substantial flooding last Wednesday and Thursday (April 17–18). Crossway is located in one of several neighborhoods in Wheaton where storm sewers were overwhelmed from heavy rains.
    • Begin by rearing children almost exclusively indoors
    • Never allow children to organize their own worlds of exploration of that which is interesting or challenging
    • Don’t risk allowing children to explore machines or encounter those who know and use them
    • Replace fairy tales with cliches and fads
    • Denigrate or discard the heroic and patriotic
    • Cut down all heroes to size
    • Reduce all talk of love to narcissism and sex
    • Level all distinctions between man and woman
    • Distract the child with the shallow or unreal
    • Deny the transcendent

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