What I Read Online – 04/21/2013 (a.m.)

21 Apr
    • Kennedy: Yes, upon graduation from the university I first settled in Lusaka. I committed myself to my local church then, Kabwata Baptist Church (KBC), where I was one of the first deacons. I was also accorded opportunities to take Bible studies and preach from time to time. All along there was a brother who kept on saying to me “Iwe utaba calling” [you are running away from the call].
    • Gospel hymnody challenged the church’s broader historic hymnic consciousness. The Dwight Moody-Ira Sankey campaigns in the last quarter of the 19th century produced a body of hymnody that … contained cheery compound triple and dotted rhythms, enticing mild chromaticism, the almost exclusive use of major keys rather than minor ones, and a lack of dissonance or musical argument to create tension. It developed into the even lighter, semi-sacred, and more commercial music of the Billy Sunday era after the turn of the century, such as … “Brighten The Corner Where You Are,” … It often took over Sunday schools altogether and made inroads into mainstream Protestant services as well. Sometimes songs in this style replaced an entire hymnic heritage
    • gospel hymn like “In The Garden” is as far removed, lyrically, from the hymns of Watts, Newton, Steel and Wesley as the vaguest praise chorus today.

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