What I Read Online – 04/18/2013 (p.m.)

19 Apr
    • Doctor, teacher, and janitor is not your only calling. Those are not only the ways you serve your fellow man but also the means God has given to provide his mercy and love to others. “One of the worst things we can ever do,” R.C. Sproul tells us, “is to waste the gifts that God has given to us.” Our time, our resources, and our heart should be diverted away from primarily seeking our own pleasure and comfort and toward expanding God’s kingdom and glory. Serving the poor is not about sympathy for their condition, it is also sharing the gifts we were given when God had mercy for our condition.
    • As someone who sits under extremely good preaching each week, I have noticed a pattern: Good preaching creates a hunger for deeper learning—it awakens our desire to know more of this God we hear proclaimed. Rather than “refilling our spiritual tanks” once a week, good preaching drives us to hunger for more truth than we had when we walked in the church doors. It whets our appetite for deeper study.
    • When people see I’m married, can they see a picture that defines the person and work of Christ?
        Wednesday 17 July | 7:30 pm | Auckland campus


      Laidlaw College is hosting a debate between biblical scholar Dr John Walton (Wheaton College) and Associate Pastor Joe Fleener (Howick Baptist Church) on how to understand Genesis 1-3. Both speakers will have 30 minutes to present a biblical interpretation of the creation stories contained within Genesis 1-3. Following a short break, each speaker will have seven minutes to respond to the other’s presentation before taking questions from the audience.
        If this is a subject you wish you understood better, then put this date in your diary and join us as we tackle this challenging topic together. 

    • This is getting long, so I’ll bring it to a close. I know you love your mother, Brad. I love mine as well. I made Fal$e Teacher$ because there are many other sons out there whose mothers have had their lives greatly damaged by the false teachings of Paula White and the others mentioned in the song. I would love to hear that Paula White has repented and renounced the many false things that she has taught. I am praying to that end. But until she does that, I must soberly maintain that the Biblical category of “False Teacher” does, in fact, apply her. And those who follow her must be warned. And just so you know, I have your email address and will gladly take this conversation offline with you if you’d like.


      grace and peace,

    • While it puts me out of step with many of my colleagues and much of my society, I am not at liberty to change or to sideline what God has spoken about marriage.
    • To tolerate one another, we must first acknowledge that we disagree.

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