What I Read Online – 04/12/2013 (a.m.)

12 Apr
    • It is sometimes said that the great strength of the Nicene doctrine of the Trinity helps establish and preserve the deity of the Son. But Ridgley  did not regard the doctrine of the Trinity as in need of such help, even if it was available. The deity of Christ is taught in Scripture, and that was sufficient for him. And despite his reservations he regards the Trinity as of the ‘highest importance’.
    • Nonetheless thoughts of being called started coming to the fore with an increase in ministering opportunities
    • It is amazing how the ideal timing never finally comes and you just have to bite the bullet.
    • True love does not think everybody right in doctrine. True love cries, “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world!” 1 John 4:1. “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching — do not take him into your house or welcome him!” 2 John 1:10
    • Joni & Ken truly does tell an untold love story and one that merits being told. The Tadas have had a great and enduring ministry; they are a great gift to the church, and for that reason the book is well worth reading. It allows us to see into their marriage, to learn from their highs and lows, and to praise God for allowing them to work together to his glory. But all the while it feels like a book that is not quite as excellent as the story, and the marriage, deserves.
    • Just 10-15 minutes a day, either alone or with your spouse, will give you a chance to hear the word of God, and, more than that, hear it applied to your heart in a moving and encouraging manner.  This naturally leads to reflection, discussion, and prayer over the content of each day’s devotional.


      So, no more excuses regarding your daily devotional time.  Encourage your own heart, and that of your spouse, through the wonderful ministry of the puritans.

    • As I said, this trial has given another opportunity for the public to see the truth. But that hasn’t happened this week. Why? Because the national media has by and large turned a blind eye to the trial. The same media that gives daily attention to trivialities in slow news cycles does not find the mass-murder of live-born babies to be newsworthy. How can this be? How could they possibly pass up this story? Could it possibly be that they understand the implications of this story? Perhaps if the American public sees reports on the killing of live-born babies, they might conclude that there really isn’t any real moral difference between the live-born babies and the unborn ones. Perhaps the public might recognize the moral insanity of suggesting that a baby in the birth canal is killable while that same baby outside the birth canal is not.
    • This may seem silly, coming as it does 2-3 years later, when most people have probably forgotten all about it. However, the Lord has been convicting me about this, and I want to follow through by apologizing and by asking my African American brothers and sisters for forgiveness.


      One huge positive that’s come out of this for me is that the Lord has given me a heart passion for His beautiful plan of racially integrated churches. I hope and pray that God will yet graciously use me to realize this world-transforming vision.

    • The Lord Jesus also dwells in iron tools and sharpens us through them. We cannot and should not work all the time. When we deliberately break away and come together with fellow believers, each holy conference presents another opportunity for discussion, consensus, and even disagreement on smaller points. May the Lord sharpen us in each communal respite, and then lay hold of us afresh for His instruments in the field.
    • The presupposition of all intelligible meaning for man in the intellectual, the moral and the aesthetic spheres is the existence of the God of the Bible who, if he speaks at all in grace cannot, without denying himself, but speak in a self-contained infallible fashion. Only in a return to the Bible as infallibly inspired in its autography is there hope for science, for philosophy and for theology. Without returning to this Bible science and philosophy may flourish for a while with his father’s substance. But the prodigal had no self-sustaining principle. No man has till he accepts the Scripture that Warfield presents.

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