What I Read Online – 04/06/2013 (p.m.)

07 Apr
    • There is no doubt that many non-Christians are kind and caring people.  In the context of the current debate, I should probably note as well that a great many practicing homosexuals are kind, caring, and delightful people.  My point pertains to a society that self-consciously rejects the authority of God’s Word, substituting its own malleable standards in the place of the Bible’s standards, and exalting a human consensus to the place of sovereignty that God demands for himself.  When this happens, moral chaos and a plummeting depravity are certain to result.
    • Note that I am not asserting that a society must be totally Christian in order to be moral — no such earthly nation has ever existed.  Nor am I expecting non-Christians to embrace everything taught in the Bible.  I am merely objecting to Bill O’Reilly’s prescription that Christians must agree to the rejection of God’s Word as a moral standard and authority.  To do this is to act as if God is not there, when we believe that he is.  It is for us to pretend that God does not judge men and nations, when we believe that he does.  It is for us to close our eyes to the biblical teaching on the devastating moral effects of idolatry, which this approach involves.
    • Notice that from a Christian perspective, the real issue is not sexual perversity, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual, but idolatry.  The root cause is the refusal to grant authority to God and the exaltation of public opinion to a place of ultimate authority.

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