What I Read Online – 04/01/2013 (a.m.)

01 Apr
    • And, what a price was paid for us—not that of an ordinary human being, nor that of an angel, but that of the very Son of God. Priceless! This is the value that God has placed upon your soul—the life of his own dear Son. Is this the value that you have placed on your own soul?
    • Christ redeemed us—bought us back—from the curse of the law
    • Jesus die not die from a disease. He was not starved to death. He was not wounded by a spear or an arrow. He was crucified just as God had foretold. He is, therefore, the long-expected Messiah who was coming to deliver his people from their sins.
    • However, the ultimate triumph of the cross is not so much the fact that it will get us to heaven but rather the fact that it will bring glory to God. This is what makes the cross shine with the brilliance of the noon day sun. It sets forth God as God!
    • Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed!
    • For about 300 years now, this hymn and its variants have been sung in English churches to commemorate and celebrate that Sunday morning about 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ walked out of his tomb, demonstrating that he had forever triumphed over sin and death for both himself and all his people.

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