What I Read Online – 03/26/2013 (p.m.)

27 Mar
    • Those were the days: university courses could actually use the term ‘A.D.’ to refer to exactly the same start date as ‘C.E.’ but without risk of being accused of oppressing anybody and thus standing on a line of obvious continuity to every crime against humanity of the last 500 years. A lost age of almost unimaginable Eloi-style innocence, untouched by the Morlockean mindset of political correctness.
    • Augustine was cut from different cloth. For him, it was not the pursuit of truth or some nebulous ‘journey’ which was the important thing; it was finding and resting in truth, real truth, God’s truth.
    • How can the best life be located in seeking truth and yet never finding it? Is it not the truth of the end point which gives the pursuit its value?  And yet the restlessness of this secular mentality would seem to be no different to aesthetic of our post-evangelical arrivistes who seem to believe it is better to be always travelling than ever to arrive.

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