What I Read Online – 03/09/2013 (p.m.)

10 Mar
    • “Our lives do not culminate in a moment. We should not be hoping for one great photo shoot, because that is not what God is doing with us. Our lives are a story—they are interwoven with the next generation in a way that is impossible for us to understand.


      Getting our sense of achievement and satisfaction out of cheerfully performing the tasks that are asked of us can do nothing but good in our lives. Seeing that God is asking something of you—and delighting in doing it for Him—brings the kind of peace with the mundane that can seem unattainable.”


      – Rachel Jankovic, Fit to Burst: Abundance, Mayhem, and the Joys of Motherhood

    • We turn now to the study of biblical chronology and genealogies specifically.
    • It happened again yesterday. I attended one of those hip, contemporary churches — and almost no one sang.
    • Years ago, worship leaders used to prepare their flocks when introducing a new song. “We’re going to do a new song for you now. We’ll go through it twice, and then we invite you to join in.”
    • And so the church has returned to the 14th century. Worshippers stand mute as professional-caliber musicians play complex instruments, and sing in an obscure language. Martin Luther is turning over in his grave.
    • But the negatives are huge. Men are doers, and singing was one of the things we used to do together in church. It was a chance to participate.
    • The joke here is that it is usually the media that tell people how to behave. Yes, the church sometimes “speaks out”. But if it’s moralising you want, turn on the radio. Or pick up a newspaper. And the institution the media especially love to attack is of course the church. There is a logic to this. The media want to be the guardians of public morality, but some people still see the church that way. Very well, it must be pulled down from its perch to make way for its secular successor.
    • The Christian has a particular angle on virtue. Some Protestant traditions have frowned on it: doesn’t it mean we are trying to earn salvation by “good works”? Answer: no – it is all based on God’s grace. But God’s grace doesn’t work “automatically”. Part of the “fruit of the spirit”, along with faith, hope and love, is self-control. That doesn’t come overnight, either; and while you’re practising the moral scales and arpeggios, and playing wrong notes, you are being, technically speaking … a hypocrite. Christians don’t (or at least shouldn’t) claim to have “made it” yet. We claim to follow Jesus. The church is composed of prodigal children who have discovered, to their astonishment, that their father still loves them. It was the older brother who thought the whole thing was a sham.
    • As I take the first step on this journey, I grow increasingly cognizant of my own inadequacies, weaknesses, and flaws. God has made it clear, certainly in His word but also through the subjective experiences of my life, that if He is going to use me to further the work of His Kingdom He will first break me at the point in which I find my identity. The breaking has begun but is nowhere near complete.


      As for my current disposition (and how you could pray for me): the sooner I come to the realization that the main character in my life is not me, the sooner I will be of any eternal good in this world.

    • The Archbishop of Canterbury voiced opposition to same-sex couples adopting   children and insisted that the Bible is “clear” that gay couples should not   have sex, previously unpublished writings show.
    • ustin Welby also privately warned of a crisis facing the Church of England as   a result of dwindling numbers and financial pressure which could even pose   “serious questions of viability” within the next seven to 10 years.  


       And he openly questioned the formality of the Established Church, wondering   aloud whether Jesus would have approved of “big buildings” and elaborate   clerical dress.

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