What I Read Online – 03/06/2013 (a.m.)

06 Mar
    • Pastors should treat women in the congregation like family
    • From these texts, we can see it is important to consider whether you are preaching to older women or younger women. Not all women are in the same season of life—and, thus, their households will not all look the same.  It is also important to remember that the primary responsibility God has given us is to our husbands and children, and the primary entity that should receive the focus of our labors and where we work out our salvation is our household. This is our context.
    • Finally, remember our culture. Keep in mind the cultural air your women are breathing and how it can pollute their hearts
    • Some time back Dutcher approached me to ask if Cruciform Press would be interested in publishing a book that would look at a series of ways that we, today’s Calvinists, might destroy what the Lord appears to be doing.
      • By loving Calvinism as an end in itself
      • By becoming a theologian instead of a disciple
      • By loving God’s sovereignty more than God himself
      • By losing an urgency in evangelism
      • By learning only from other Calvinists
      • By tidying up the Bible’s “loose ends”
      • By being an arrogant know-it-all
      • By scoffing at the hang-ups others have with Calvinism
    • John Newton wrote a hymn that addresses God’s design in dark providences. Sadly it is not nearly as well known as Amazing Grace, yet the truth in it is enriching, spiritual meat my soul needs often, especially now:


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