What I Read Online – 03/04/2013 (p.m.)

05 Mar
    • However, there is a third possibility. You could define the bicycle as ‘a man-powered means of transport’. This would be neither an objective nor a subjective definition, but a functional definition. Hebrews 11:1 is best understood in this way — as a functional definition of faith.


    • On this view, the verse means: ‘faith gives substance to things hoped for and provides conviction or evidence concerning things not seen’. In other words, the verse tells us what faith does for us. In harmony with this view, Owen comments: ‘[things] hoped for … have a present subsistence given unto them; as they are unseen they are to be made evident: both which are done by faith’ [6]. And again: ‘[faith] is the cause and means giving them a subsistence’ [7].
    • Many Christians hold erroneous views of faith as something irrational. But if this were so, we could not ‘understand’ anything by faith! The problem here is a confusion of categories — faith and reason are not alternative routes to knowledge, any more that physical sight and reason are alternatives.


    • The idea that it is a neutral position to promote a public square completely
    • 1. Keep doing evangelism
    • 2. Train people to tell the truth
    • 3. There’s plenty of work for everyone


    • 4. Effective evangelistic practice flows from faithful Bible teaching


    • 5. Get hold of biblical theology, and let biblical theology get hold of you


    • 6. Don’t make a great distinction between the big ‘E’ and the small ‘e’


    • 7. Be a disciple in the true sense of the word


    • 8. Love your Lord and love your neighbour to the last


    • 9. Master humour, and never let it master you


    • 10. Keep doing evangelism
    • D. A. Carson, writing on “Preaching the Gospels” in the new book Preaching the New Testament, ed. Ian Paul and David Wenham (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2013), p. 26, gives some guidance for what to do when preaching on “material that apparently clashes with what is found in other Gospels”:


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