What I Read Online – 02/28/2013 (p.m.)

01 Mar
    • How can pastors best equip their members who are considering working overseas? First, members should be faithful in their jobs in the West, doing their work with excellence and for the glory of God. Second, pastors should put before their members the vision and privilege of spreading the gospel to all nations, particularly among those who have not heard (Rom. 15:20).
    • Pastors should specially focus on evaluating the lives of members who are thinking about living overseas. We want to send people who are thriving spiritually in the church, at home, and at work instead of encouraging people who would be burdens to the Christians they are supposed to assist
    • But what if one wants to pursue both professional development and church planting? One way we have seen this happen is when people migrate for the gospel—that is, move somewhere permanently. This was how missions used to be done since it was so hard to come back to one’s home country.
    • Dr. Ligon Duncan writes about this message by Dr. John Piper:


      Discouraged ministers and Christians, here is a sermon you need to hear. “The Sadness and Beauty of Paul’s Final Words” by John Piper, preached at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Piper gives seven riveting, biblical, pastorally comforting and encouraging truths about Christian ministry. And if you have ever been let down or betrayed by Christians, and have been tempted to leave Christ because you’ve been left or bruised or abused by Christians — Christians in your congregation, even close Christian friends — then Piper has some words that may just give you the hope you need.”

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