What I Read Online – 02/22/2013 (p.m.)

23 Feb
    • I often tell dating or engaged couples I’m counseling that I never really knew that I was selfish until I got married. And I never really knew the depths of my selfishness until I had children
    • But not everyone thinks it’s a good idea to observe Lent. After all, it’s not prescribed by Scripture. The fast may send mixed messages to believers with a Roman Catholic background. By requiring Christians to practice something not mandated by God’s Word, we may be inhibiting spiritual freedom. And the church calendar—even Easter—may imply that some days are more holy than others. Good Friday and Christmas might have gone mainstream, but many Protestants even today believe they distract from the Lord’s Day and thus do not mark them on their calendars.
    • the origins, theology, and practice of Lent with Ligon Duncan, senior minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. He traces the roots of Lent to Pope Gregory the Great in the 500s and explains its explicitly meritorious purpose. And he cites the history of Reformation in Switzerland, which began with eating sausages during Lent
    • Second, we really should try not to make such figures into those to whom we look for leadership and guidance.  That role should be fulfilled by the elders in your local church and the experienced saints whom you know personally and with whom you have an actual relationship.  Tim Tebow has, as far as I know, been called by no-one to be a teacher in the church.  Certainly his example has inspired and encouraged many; and there is nothing wrong with that.  But we must remember that being an inspiring example is one thing; being someone to whom we look for Christian leadership is quite another.  The latter is really the role of those who have received the external call from a congregation and who have thus been proven to have the biblical qualifications for leadership and who are also formally accountable to the church.

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