What I Read Online – 02/20/2013 (a.m.)

20 Feb
    • Build trellises—but remember that trellises are for supporting vines.
    • 2) Care more about vine work—discipling others with the gospel and sound doctrine—than about efficiency and “getting things done.”


    • Realize the biblical role of the elders of your church: to give themselves to teaching and praying
    • Second, pray that you’d grow in wisdom so that you can be helpful, intelligent, thoughtful, and practical in the best sense of the word as you apply your administrative abilities to supporting, pruning, cultivating, and nurturing vine work.
    • Third, grow in your ability to do vine work
    • 3) Be diligent, patient and long-suffering in serving your church.
    • First, you may be right
    • Second, you’re probably not alone
    • Third, you’re either going to be part of the problem or part of the solution
    • The goal of every church is to reflect the glory of God. And one of the keys ways a church does this is through its unity in Christ. A healthy church will have both the disciple-making and practical administrating functioning well together. To this end, both pastors and businesspeople are going to have to fight for unity.


    • One of the most basic facts about the New Testament canon that all Christians should understand is that the canon is intimately connected to the activities of the apostles.
    • In the end, the New Testament canon exists because of an early Christian belief that the apostles spoke for Christ.  That belief led Christians to value apostolic books.  And those apostolic books eventually formed the New Testament that we know today
    • Enns appears to be under the impression that evangelical reviewers are chomping at the bit to give nasty reviews of Bell’s book. But I don’t think that is the case at all. In fact, I predict that Bell’s book will be greeted largely with a collective yawn from conservative evangelical reviewers. There won’t be an outcry like there was last time. Why? Because Bell’s reputation as a heterodox theological liberal is now well-known. Why belabor the point?
    • When I finished reading this book, I immediately told Aileen that she would find it rich and encouraging. I want her to read it, because I know it will bless her. It will reassure her of her own inadequency and call her to depend more upon Christ, it will remind her of the value of both friendship and mentorship, it will tell her that her experiences in motherhood are universal, it will encourage her again and again to read, to pray, and to find her deepest satisfaction in God. As Ann Voskamp writes in the foreword, “if I make God first and am most satisfied in His love, I’m released to love my children fully and most satisfactorily.”

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