What I Read Online – 02/14/2013 (a.m.)

14 Feb
    • And something struck me. 2 Timothy is not just about Bible ministry, it’s also about training people to do Bible ministry.
    • Why read a book defending a part of a denomination so far removed geographically from many of us? One reason is that the Anglican diocese of Sydney in Australia, with its high view of biblical authority as “God’s Word written,” its theological college, and its form of evangelicalism, is increasing in influence worldwide. Graduates of its theological college (Moore Theological College) have received international recognition for scholarship: Graeme Goldsworthy and William Dumbrell (Biblical Theology), Barry Webb and John Woodhouse (Old Testament), Peter O’Brien and Peter Bolt (New Testament), and Mark Thompson and Robert Doyle (Systematic Theology) are just a few examples. Yet in some quarters of the Anglican world, both within Australia and beyond, this diocese is the target of strident polemic. The descriptors are legion: “fundamentalist,” “misogynist,” “patriarchal,” “separatist,” even “Anglo-baptist.”
    • I do have some other concerns. The charge that Sydney Diocese embraces a form of Arianism in its view of the Trinity is generally successfully blunted. However, Jensen doesn’t deal with the problematic language of the Diocese of Sydney Doctrine Commission Report on the Trinity and gender relations, upon which that accusation in part is based. The report can be read to assert that the Father and the Son are ontologically different (“differences of being”). That wasn’t the intent—I have discussed this with the framer of the report—but it’s certainly been read that way, raising the specter of the ontological inferiority of the Son in the Godhead. How we use words really does matter on such matters of importance.
    • But a new trend allows for increased control over which embryos are actually implanted and which ones are destroyed. New Genetic Testing Technologies evaluate embryos for disease and the potential for chromosomal abnormalities before in vitro fertilization. Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine began developing this technology as an answer to couples who are carriers of genetic disease, such as cystic fibrosis.
    • Best is a medical doctor based in Sydney, Australia. Along with her work as a doctor, she is trained in medical ethics and teaches at a local university and seminary
    • Seriously, this kind of bullsgeschichtlich Abfall, to use the technical German theological phrase, is its own refutation and should be called out for what it is: laughable, self-important gibberish.    To build on a phrase from Niebuhr,  for these chaps “A God of their own invention brought people just like them into a kingdom without clear definition through the ministrations of a Christ who looks like an over-indulged American thirty-molesworth_reasonably_small.jpgsomething.”  So, yes, people will take it seriously and the book will no doubt sell in vast quantities.   As the old song has it: Find out what they like and how they like it and let them have it just that way.
    • Given that caveat, I still think it’s really amazing that based on what we know now, salmon seem to have at least two different navigation systems: a magnetic one that leads them to the correct freshwater inlet, and a chemical one that leads them to their final destination. God’s creation is truly marvelous!
    • 1. As the maker of all things and the ruler of all people, God has absolute rights of ownership over all people and places.


    • 2. God is not only the ultimate maker, ruler, and owner, but he is just and righteous in all that he does.


    • 3. All of us deserve God’s justice; none of us deserve God’s mercy
    • 4. The Canaanites were enemies of God who deserved to be punished
    • 5. God’s actions were not an example of ethnic cleansing.


    • 6. Why was it necessary to remove the Canaanites from the land?


    • 7. The destruction of the Canaanites is a picture of the final judgment

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