What I Read Online – 02/07/2013 (p.m.)

08 Feb
    • Advice For Parenting Young Kids
    • Believe Kids Are A Blessing
    • Pray With Your Kids Concerning Taking Risks
    • Teach *First Time Obedience*
    • don’t use the counting rule. When you count you are telling your kids they can delay obedience. “Johnny, get your coat on. Johnny! One…twooooo…” Not obeying now is disobedience. Period.
    • Give Rules For Respectful Disagreement
    • Give Rules For Respectful Interruption
    • Give Rules For Being Respectful in Public
    • The Five Minute Rule (Warning)
    • Pre-Event Preparation/Conversation
    • Titles of Respect for Adults (No First Names)
    • Use Timers
    • Sharing Is Not Requested, It’s Essential
    • Boys Treat Girls Differently Than Boys
    • Play Rough & Teach Kids To Get Over It
    • Kids Sit With You In Church
    • Ask Your Kids To Forgive You
    • Kiss Your Spouse In Front Of Them
    • Talking Back To Mom Is Talking Back To My Wife
    • Hugs & Kisses To Friends
    • Disagree In Front Of Your Kids
    • Keep/Give Away
    • Teach Your Kids To Sing
    • Teach Your Kids God Loves Them More Than You
    • Get In The Pool

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