What I Read Online – 02/05/2013 (a.m.)

05 Feb
    • Losing Adam means losing my dignity
    • Losing Adam means losing my humanity
    • Losing Adam means that I have no adequate explanation for the sinfulness of my soul or my race
    • Losing Adam means losing hope, for my solidarity with Adam as a man condemned finds its Scriptural counterpart in my solidarity with Christ, the last Adam, as a man redeemed
    • But losing Adam means losing not only my present but also my future hope. If there is no earthly man whose image I have borne, what confident expectation do I have of one day bearing the image of the heavenly man?
    • If I want to know who and what I am, before God and by divine design and intention, as a redeemed man with the prospect of glory with Christ ahead of me, then I need an historical Adam
    • I think the answer to those questions makes the problem with the ‘God spoke to me’ shtick rather clear.  It is dangerously subjective and it is simply superfluous.  Just because we approve of the occasional results of such guidance does not mean that this notion is at all acceptable or safe.
    •           Despite its acerbic title and long subtitle, this book is not the product of an idiosyncratic Luddite, who is hotly airing his pet peeves. Rather, the French Frommer, a journalist and author, has meticulously researched the nature of PowerPoint and its application and results across various fields, particular business, the military, and education. In so doing, he brings what is increasingly becoming part of the background of contemporary life—as a “universal medium,” as he puts it—into the foreground. Although the author does not put it this way, he is exegeting the nature or form of PowerPoint against its cultural backdrop and in light of certain standards for knowledge and wisdom. Anyone who wants to acquire knowledge and avoid error will be well-served by his trenchant, well-documented, and in-depth analysis.

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