What I Read Online – 01/21/2013 (p.m.)

22 Jan
    • It amazes me more and more, as Bill Mounce notes, that frequently those who are most enamoured with the Word of God and champion its preaching are frequently less than enthusiastic about their own study of the Bible in its original languages or in encouraging others to pursue learning them too and that those most equipped in the biblical languages I meet are often the furthest from being believers.
    • I want to argue that we ought to be prioritising learning the biblical languages amongst those who are hoping to be entrusted with preaching and teaching the Word of God (and to kindly give a kick up the pants to those who already are but don’t have a yiqtol, a peal or an aorist to cuddle up to at night).
    • But here’s the rub. We ought to be increasing in skill at reading. And to do so means acquiring the skills necessary to read better. Anyone in ministry or hopeful to pursue ministry is one seeking to be approved by God in handling the Word well. This involves growing in skill. Skill that does not move one from “getting it wrong” to “geting it right” (most of the time) but surely moves us closer to what the text is saying and to a deeper and more precise understanding of the Bible and its author.
    • So I will not tell you Mr. Preacher or Budding Preacher that you must study Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic if you want to understand the Bible. Or that if you don’t, you won’t understand the Scriptures. I will only ask two questions: is it a matter of your sanctification to seek every means possible by which to clarify, enrich, deepen and solidify your own reading, believing and preaching of Scripture or not; and if it is, are we really “right-handlers” without it?

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