What I Read Online – 01/15/2013 (a.m.)

15 Jan
    • Critically, it is an actual reformation of the church.(2)  We are not talking about a pocket of evangelicals who have just discovered Reformed soteriology, as good as that sort of thing is.  What is happening in China is of a different order, embodying a clear ecclesiastical form with concrete confessional and institutional dimensions and this, in turn, is reshaping the nature and scope of the Reformed and Presbyterian mission to China. It is likely to have deep and long-lasting influence on Chinese and, in time, global Christianity
    • China is arguably changing faster than any national culture in history not at war.
    • This contradiction creates uncertain conditions for the work of the ministry, too, and divides the mainland Christian community in multiple ways. Most notably, a deep and long-standing division exists between the congregations of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) and the vast number and great diversity of “house churches.”
    • The majority of Protestants, however, practice their faith outside the TSPM apparatus and make up China’s house churches (also called underground or unregistered churches by some). To be clear, many of these congregations do not meet in households or operate as clandestine bodies.  Although most maintain a low profile out of respect for civil authorities and a desire to live peaceful lives, it would be a mistake to think of these congregations as impoverished and isolated cell groups
    • The issue is, at bottom, theological – and a familiar one to those acquainted with church history.  Non-conforming congregations and church leaders, while ordinarily highly respectful of civil authorities, refuse to compromise the gospel and their conscience by acknowledging another head of the body who denies the reality of the risen Lord and attempts to usurp his authority over his church.(8)
    • Darrin Patrick once said, “In our house we don’t have ‘no media,’ we have ‘low media.’” If you’re serious about reading more in 2013, you’ll take measures to eliminate distractions. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch the NFL playoffs or go see The Hobbit. It does mean you’re going to have to make some decisions to hold back and stick with them.
    • Any evangelical on the platform of any Inauguration, Democrat or Republican, is being used. No one’s prayer will be acceptable to specific faiths… and if you tailor your prayer to all you shift your theology.
    • As always, I appreciate Dr. Mohler’s forthright candour on this issue, as on so many others.  And I find his argument on the significance of evolution for orthodox conceptions of the gospel to be persuasive, compelling and timely.
    • Now, I am neither an exegete nor the son of an exegete, a fact which may explain my naive confusion — but I am puzzled as to how one can affirm any evolutionary account of Adam and Eve’s origins and yet be complementarian, let alone see it as a necessary gospel distinctive

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