What I Read Online – 01/13/2013 (a.m.)

13 Jan
    • 7 6. 7 6 (St. Alphege)

      In Eden’s sinless garden
      A man and woman stood,
      Each crafted in God’s image,
      And both entirely good.

      The serpent entered Eden,
      And entered both their hearts;
      And neither did resist him,
      Fell to his fiery darts.

      So Adam’s abdication
      Was punished by the Lord;
      Eve’s insubordination
      Jehovah much abhorred.

      Then came the Second Adam
      Into the wilderness.
      Where Adam fell, he conquered,
      Both to restore and bless.

      He raises from the ruins
      Of Eden’s shattered bliss,
      And by his saving power
      Does Satan’s blight dismiss.

      True men, pursue with courage
      Loving nobility;
      True women, with true beauty,
      Submissive dignity.

      You sons of Adam, glory
      That Jesus sets you free.
      Eve’s daughters, bow before him,
      Embrace your liberty.

      Jeremy Walker

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