What I Read Online – 01/08/2013 (p.m.)

09 Jan
    • 9Marks has just released its latest edition of the eJournal. This edition focuses on lay elders and raises some very helpful discussion on the relationship (sometimes delicate) between staff and lay elders. See here. You can find part 1 of this issue here.


    • However, I also think it is partly due to the fact that science and math tend to be the subjects with which most homeschooling parents are very uncomfortable. They are always looking for ways to “do better” when it comes to those two subjects.
    • Nevertheless, one thing I have always stressed when it comes to homeschooling is to emphasize math in the elementary years. Based on my experience with students from junior high all the way through graduate school, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to produce excellent science and mathematics students is to spend a lot of time on math in the elementary years. This not only includes learning new mathematical concepts, but it also means drilling your student in math. In my experience, the best science and math students are the ones who spent a lot of time on math drills when they were young.
    • Daniel Strange of Oak Hill College, speaking at the Evangelical Alliance’s “Confidence in the Gospel” initiative, argues that Paul’s Mars Hill speech in Acts 17 is not actually gospel, but the necessary context for understanding the gospel.

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