What I Read Online – 01/03/2013 (p.m.)

04 Jan
    • What was fascinating to watch in the day after Prime Minister Gillard gave her speech was that most of Australia’s political commentators missed the significance of her speech. Indeed, several, who would later acknowledge the significance of it, criticised her for it at the time. They did what is so easy to do: they missed the great significance of a very powerful and persuasive speech, no doubt because it was all too familiar. Although they mostly saw the speech live, they are used to watching speeches in parliament. Perhaps they think that Parliament is boring and 15 minute monologues are out of place in the internet age. Christians sitting in churches hearing 15 minute monologues on the Word of God which they think are boring take note of these commentators mistake, and learn. It is not the medium that is the problem, nor the message.
    • We’re not trying to replace the academic aspects of a seminary education, but we believe that church-based training, mentoring, and ministry experience are essential components of preparation for pastoral ministry. The purpose of the CPTC is to provide focused training, opportunity for growth in service, and cultivation of godly character—all within the context and care of our local church.
    • First and foremost, you must have a vision for training the next generation of pastors, and for doing so through the local church.

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