What I Read Online – 12/15/2012 (a.m.)

15 Dec
    • Peter Adam, former principle of Ridley Theological college, Melbourne and Rector Emeritas at St Jude’s Melbourne, share his years of wisdom as he talks about how we preach with power.
    • The second moment came when a member of the audience asked how she, a homeschool mum struggling with depression, could be satisfied.  I answered that the Bible (and Augustine) indicate that life is tragic, a struggle in a fallen world, marked by moments of satisfaction but much frustration.  Sometimes life is just miserable, I said, but the hope of the resurrection will make all things right.
    • This is one reason why I find atheism so implausible.  If Russell could dismiss Christianity in part because he had met so few Christians who seemed to take the faith seriously, I consider atheists to be much the same.   Do not tell me that we are a random bunch of atoms and then try to impose your myths on me.  Do not create a morality in your own image and then try to give it some objective, transcendent status.  A random world does not give privileged status to the moral myths of an upper class English proto-hippy.  Do not tell me that serial killers are morally worse than aid workers. At best, you might say that you find them personally more distasteful.  If you are an atheist, have the courage to take heed of the words of Nietzsche’s Madman:
    • Cut the stories at the start  of chapters, admittedly for most of you ”Counsellors” out there that  turns your books into short articles but so be it
    • Can you still be friends with me even if I think homosexuality is a sin?
    • Hypothetically, if you knew that God disapproved of homosexual behavior, would you stop and obey him?
    • Are you happy?
    • Peter Adam is an Aussie and former Principal of Ridley, Melbourne, he spent the summer over in the UK and has been a frequent visitor to these shores for the last 20 years.. His books are very thought provoking and worth grappling with as preachers. He’s interviewed on Preaching Matters and there’s lovely little sections on the power of God’s Word, the Word of God as a means to an end and the temptations of a preacher. It’s only 15 minutes long but uncomfortably incisive, excellent material for preachers and seminary teachers. His work ‘Speaking God’s Word – A practical theology of preaching’ is a must read.

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