What I Read Online – 11/29/2012 (p.m.)

30 Nov
    • There can be little doubt about the value of corporate confessions. One might argue that believers have “no creed but the Bible.” But the very nature of the Bible demands that we summarize its truth as clearly and comprehensively as possible. Otherwise when someone asks what the Bible teaches, no other option is available except a weeks-long study of the question from one end of the Bible to the other
    • Luke teaches that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, the Son of Man, and the Lord. God’s promises for Israel are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The new covenant is fulfilled in his death, so that forgiveness of sins is now ours through Jesus Christ.


    • The need for pastoral training is urgent, as some churches in the area struggle with legalism and even syncretism
    • Second, the focus of a church will only be as good as the focus of its leaders
    • Third, the pulpit must drive the passion
    • First, the churches, in larger and larger numbers, are adapting themselves   to felt needs in the congregations much as a business might adapt its product   to a market.
    • Furthermore, we would be wise to remember that it was the liberal Protestants   who equated cultural success with the Kingdom of God
    • During the last fifty years in particular, the ministry has   become increasingly professionalized. Indeed, it is not coincidental that   during this time, when the social status of ministers has declined, the need   for them to see themselves as professionals has increased
    • There is a third place where the marketing ethos is entering. The recasting   of religion in terms of the market is giving entrepreneurs a field day

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