What I Read Online – 11/28/2012 (a.m.)

28 Nov
    • If the Bible is God preaching, then God only has one sermon. From beginning to end, the Father keeps proclaiming through the Spirit the person and work of His eternal Son, Jesus Christ
      • Resolving to know only Christ and Him crucified is the only way to cut the tentacles of worldly wisdom attached to our preaching. Resolving to know only Christ means five things:


        • Preaching with Christian ethos—humility, dependence and confidence in the gospel of our Lord;
        • Preaching with Christian pathos—sympathy and shepherding concern;
        • Preaching with Christian logos—Christ our wisdom, the organizing and governing knowledge of the universe;
        • Preaching Christ for a demos—trying to form a nation, a holy people; and
        • Preaching Christ with a telos—to see everyone fully conformed to the Lord
    • Myth 1: Jubilee means a forgiveness of debt
    • Myth 2: Jubilee involves a redistribution of wealth (land).


    • Myth 3: Jubilee shows the relative nature of private property
    • Myth 4: Jubilee leads to income equality.


    • Myth 5: Jubilee is a universally applicable principle
    • “Time, especially time with the wasting power it acquires through sin, is the archenemy of all human achievement. It kills the root of joy which otherwise belongs to working and building. All things which the succeeding generations of mankind have wrought in the course of the ages succumb to its attacks. The tragic sense of this accompanies the race at every step in its march through history. It is like a pall case over the face of all peoples…

      Now put over against this the triumphant song of life and assurance of immortality that fills the glorious, spacious days of the New Covenant, especially where first it issues from the womb of the morning bathed in the dew of imperishable youth. The note of futility and depression has disappeared, and in place of this the rapture of victory over death and decay, the exultant feeling of immersion in the atmosphere of eternity prevail . . . It is the prerogative of God, the Eternal One, to work for eternity. As the King of the ages he discounts and surmounts all the intervening forces and barriers of time. He who is made to share in this receives the highest form which the divine image can assume in its reproduction in man. Neither things present nor things to come can conquer him. He reigns in life with God through Jesus Christ, our Lord” (G. Vos, “The More Excellent Ministry – 2 Corinthians 3:18,” in Grace and Glory, p. 46).
    • But second, they ought to be a little disconcerting for Christians who are determined to believe that culture is morally neutral, that we can dabble in anything without it having an impact on us, that we can make dispassionate assessments of what are, in effect, vehicles for a certain moral vision, and that everything can be ‘redeemed.’ Here is a voice from the inside saying, “Don’t be foolish!”

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