What I Read Online – 11/27/2012 (p.m.)

28 Nov
    • I have a suspicion that the speed of change in our hi-tech world will likely prove faster than Forsyth or Jung could ever have imagined. Jung knew nothing of blogging or twitter. Forsyth could not have envisioned in his darkest nightmares the advent of virtual churches, detached from any bodily contact at all and able to export exegesis, good, bad and indifferent, to anywhere at the touch of a button. Ideas can now move from a classroom to a worldwide audience in an instant. There is also no golden rule which says someone who fought for the gospel at age twenty might not be assuming it at age thirty and abandoning it at age forty. I believe in the perseverance of the saints; but I have been around long enough to know that there are a good many convincing counterfeits out there and, indeed, for myself, that a man should take heed if he thinks he stands lest he fall.  
    • What is the legacy of a great church leader? Is it his books? Is it his blogs or his podcasts? Is it the recording of his sermons? Is it his inspirational life story? Is it the number of satellite campuses he can fill each Lord’s Day (as long as Christmas does not fall on a Sunday, of course)? It might indeed involve any or all of these; but surely above all else the legacy of the church leader is his followers and especially those he has helped to put in to positions of influence.  

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