What I Read Online – 11/19/2012 (p.m.)

20 Nov
    • I hope you’re not Bobby! Baptism is, I believe, a secondary issue insomuch as Christians can disagree on it and still be friends – in fact, be more than friends (I once made Paul a cup of coffee from my coffee maker) – they can work together and – as Paul and John have been exploring – possibly even be in church together. But secondary, as I never tire of saying, does not mean unimportant. And ministers of churches should certainly know what they believe about this issue. It is scandalous that they don’t given that it is a defining issue of the church. Now, I don’t mean that every minister has to have every i dotted and every t crossed. And perhaps at any given point, a minister might be on a trajectory to changing his opinion on something. But it should never be something that is relegated to the level of “unimportant.” 
    • The antidote, I think, is to remember and celebrate the goodness of God. Is God good? Has God been good to me? Whether I am ‘successful’ in ministry, or just an ordinary ‘plodder’, is it still true that God is good to me? What verses, and Bible stories, and hymns and songs remind me that God is good? And how can I thank him for it, instead of doubting his goodness and wishing for something ‘better’?


    • Briefly stated, biblical inerrancy means that the Bible is without error. This is an aspect of what we might call the Christian doctrine of Scripture
    • I want to propose that biblical inerrancy is a more radical and important idea than many of its proponents and critics sometimes seem to grasp. It is more than the claim that the Bible is completely true in all its historical details and other particulars. That claim is consequential on—and I would say subordinate to—a bigger, more dramatic, and more powerful truth at the heart of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

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