What I Read Online – 11/15/2012 (p.m.)

16 Nov
    • It’s a word we all hate, but exactly what is legalism? Legalism is that attempt to establish or maintain a right standing with God by means of our own efforts
    • But we must be careful not to confuse legalism with obedience. Obedience is not legalism. Obedience is obedience. God commands us to obey his Word, and when pressed with those commands we must not cry foul — “legalism!”  No, disobedience is sin, and obedience is not legalism.
    • So I read the text a bit more carefully. Indeed, Acts 26 records Paul sharing his testimony. But it’s more than the three-fold model I was instructed to follow. Paul wove together a tapestry of his experiences, pre-evangelistic prompters, doctrinal elements, apologetic arguments, and even a call for a decision. While Agrippa did not respond as Paul had hoped (and prayed!—see his comment in verse 29), and accused Paul of losing his mind (v. 24), the king didn’t offer any dismissive, relativistic gibberish about “true for you but not for me.”


      Note that the text calls Paul’s speech a “defense” (v. 1). That’s probably a better description than a “testimony,” and offering a defense is probably a better goal for us than merely sharing our story.

    • I had never read it straight through, consecutively, until this year when I began the program, which allots an average of six pages a night, five nights a week, for an entire year

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