What I Read Online – 11/15/2012 (a.m.)

15 Nov
      • At a Glance


        • GDP Growth: 1.4%
        • GDP/Capita: $39,300
        • Trade Balance: -4.4%
        • Population: 4.3 M
        • Public Debt As % of GDP: 36%
        • Unemployment: 6.5%
        • Inflation: 4.0%
    • What about on the spiritual front? It was in The Netherlands that I first met hyper-Calvinists in the flesh. I knew of their existence in theory but was still shocked to be confronted by people who felt very strongly that you must simply sit and wait (and hope) for God to save you. One lady was upset with me for not preaching about the suffering of Christ from Psalm 73 and about our suffering with him from Philippians 3:10. I told her that was not the point in both passages, but she insisted it was. in the end she wrote me a long letter in Dutch! She was not sure if she would be accepted by God in heaven because she was not sure that she had suffered enough with Christ, which, she insisted we must all be aiming for. It is up to God to decide if and when he will save her. The mixture of truth and error in the name of Calvin was frightening, to say the least.
    • Ask Questions.
    • Read Scripture
    • Pray the Gospel
    • Affirm God’s character and promises
    • Trust God’s plan
    • Leave a note
    • Listen well
    • Touch with discernment
    • Look them in the eye
    • Prepare your heart
    • Ligonier Ministries strives, with your support, to leverage new media technology for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. To that end, we’re pleased to announce that the digital edition of Tabletalk magazine is now available for your iPad™. Lord willing, before Christmas, we’ll announce Tabletalk’s availability on the Kindle Fire and Android tablets.
    • Although we possess a limited number of gospel manuscripts from the second and third centuries that preserve the title pages, the ones we do possess have the title present
    • Perhaps one the most compelling reasons to think the titles were added early is the fact that there is such uniformity in these titles within the early centuries of the faith
    • If the titles were added in the late second century, as some suppose, then it is difficult to imagine that Mark and Luke’s names would have been included.
    • Baum has argued that the Gospels were intentionally written as anonymous works in order to reflect the practice of the Old Testament historical books which were themselves anonymous (as opposed to other Old Testament writings, like the prophets, which included the identity of the author).[1]  Such a stylistic device allowed the authors of the gospels “to disappear” and to give “highest priority to their subject matter.”[2]  Thus, the anonymity of the Gospels, far from diminishing their scriptural authority, actually served to increase it by consciously placing the Gospels “in the tradition of Old Testament historiography.”[3]
    • Unconditional election is another term that I think can be a bit misleading, so I prefer to use the term sovereign election. If God chooses sovereignly to bestow His grace on some sinners and withhold His grace from other sinners, is there any violation of justice in this? Do those who do not receive this gift receive something they do not deserve? Of course not. If God allows these sinners to perish, is He treating them unjustly? Of course not. One group receives grace; the other receives justice. No one receives injustice. Paul anticipates this protest: “Is there injustice on God’s part?” (Rom. 9:14a). He answers it with the most emphatic response he can muster. I prefer the translation, “God forbid” (v. 14b). Then he goes on to amplify this response: “For he says to Moses, ‘I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion’” (v. 15). Here the Apostle is reminding his reader of what Moses declared centuries before; namely, that it is God’s divine right to execute clemency when and where He desires. He says from the beginning, “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.” It is not on those who meet some conditions, but on those whom He is pleased to bestow the benefit.


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