What I Read Online – 11/10/2012 (p.m.)

11 Nov
    • If he’d been in my   house, he would have been caught praying. He stands in a strong, but never   fashionable tradition of public-school Christian seriousness – an unadorned,   personal faith in Jesus as the saviour, and a lifelong sense of obligation   to do His work in the world
    • It is obvious that a movement on this scale makes quite a difference to the   world – a difference for the good, I would say. Less obviously, perhaps, it   has made a difference to the people who preach it. Evangelicals of this kind   have moved out of the ghetto and no longer mix only with one another. The   denominational boundaries of old are now completely out of date. The Alpha   course has been so designed that it is exactly the same for Catholics as for   Protestants. In the Vatican itself, Padre Raniero Cantalamessa, the   Franciscan Capuchin priest who is the Preacher to the Papal Household, is   one of Alpha’s leading advocates. Even Eastern Orthodox churches and Copts   do Alpha.
    • My mother knew that in order for her boy to become a man, the most important man in his life needed to shape him.  Pop knew that in order for his son to provide leadership and stability to those who would count on him one day, “CW” needed to embrace core lessons in manhood, obligation, and responsibility
    • As a pastor, I witness daily the void and dysfunction caused by men who don’t really know who and what a man is.  They’re not to blame.  When men do not step up to embrace the seasons of their lives, it damages hope for those who are following and limits the impact of these men will have during their moment in history

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