What I Read Online – 11/06/2012 (p.m.)

07 Nov
    • Of course, this raises the important question of ‘office’. Is church leadership merely functional, or is there an ‘office’ of pastor or elder to which someone may be appointed. If New Testament eldership carries with it such a weighty responsibility, it would make sense that one would be explicitly appointed to the task. The responsibility to keep watch over the lives of the congregation is not something given to every single Christian. The reason for having a specific role to which a person is appointed is obvious – it is a unique responsibility, and one to which an elder or minister will be held account. The responsibility is to proclaim the ‘whole counsel of God’.
    • I’ve occasionally heard full-time Christian ministry described as if it simply meant having more time to do what you were doing beforehand. You can do it part time, or you can get people to support you to do it full-time. But is there more to the picture than this? Can we omit mentioning this important dimension of Christian leadership in the desire to encourage people to consider Christian ministry? What would it look like for churches to recognise the unique responsibilities of ministers/elders in our contemporary context?

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