What I Read Online – 11/02/2012 (p.m.)

03 Nov
    • Our model of ministry comes from the faithful shepherds and fellow elders of the holy Scriptures
    • We all know the message we preach is better than the messengers who preach it, but that doesn’t mean the messenger should settle beneath the message. There must be a striving to be what we are in Christ, so that the message is adorned and defended by the messenger’s life. If we find this is not the case, we should either repent or leave the ministry.
    • The apostle understands that shepherds should smell like sheep. The sheep’s wool should be lint on our clothes. Our boots should be caked with their mud and their mess. Our skin ought to bear teeth marks and the weather-beaten look of exposure to wind, sun, and rain in the fields. We belong among the people to such an extent that they can be called on to honestly testify that our lives as messengers commend the message. We should be so frequently among them that we smell like them, that we smell like their real lives, sometimes fragrant but more often sweaty, musty, offensive, begrimed from battle with the world, the flesh, and the devil.
    • Let me admit that there are limitations we pastors face. Some of it may be due to the size of our churches. Some may be due to the vastness of the region over which our people are scattered.  Most of us don’t live in Baxter’s Kidderminster. Some of our limitation may be based on good priorities — like spending more time training leaders than attending certain social functions. I want to allow every good caveat and qualification necessary. But if our hearts say either we’re too gifted or too big to be with our people, we should stop pretending we’re motivated by their benefit. We should stop pretending we’re not pimping them or feeding on them. If we honestly feel we’re too gifted to be with them, we’re not shepherds. We’re wolves. 
    • Pray for my fellow elder, Mwamba Chibuta. Pray that his faith may not fail. Pray for his restoration to fullness of health. He still has two more months of chemotherapy to go through. Pray for his wife, Chishiba, and their children–Mutale, Kombe, and Chishiba–that God’s peace will be with them during this very trying time. Pray for us as a church to practically love our elder and his family at such a time as this. Please, please, pray!


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