What I Read Online – 10/19/2012 (a.m.)

19 Oct
    •   Step inside our data centers like never before. Learn more about our locations, see how  we keep your data safe and secure, and explore on your own in our photo gallery and  Street View. 


        Go behind the scenes of our data centers.

    • So if nothing else, we know that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster was not the worst in history. In fact, while it was significantly more disastrous than the Three Mile Island incident in the U.S., it was nearly ten times less disastrous than Chernobyl! Hopefully, this kind of perspective will be used by those who are making energy policy decisions in Japan and around the world
    • Those who are contemplating withdrawal or secession should ask themselves continually:


      1.  Am I absolutely certain that Christ’s honour is really involved, or that my basic Christian liberties are threatened?


      2.  Am I going out because it is easier, and am I following the line of least resistance?


      3.  Am I going out because I am impatient?


      4.  Am I going out because I am an egotist and cannot endure being a ‘Brother of the common lot’ with its disadvantages as well as its spiritual advantages?


      Those who are staying in their Church should ask themselves:


      1.  Am I staying in and not joining others who may be fighting the Lord’s battle because I am a coward?


      2.  Am I staying in because I am trying to persuade myself that I am a man of peace and because peace seems to be worth any price?


      3.  Am I staying in because I am just a vacillator or at a very low spiritual ebb?


      4.  Am I swayed by some self-interest or any monetary consideration?

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